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All praise and thanks to Allah SWT, so this fourth edition of the handbook can be done. Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science aims to nurture engineering sciences. In the era of globalization, the field of engineering should be developed to take advantages of Information Technology and Computer advances which is needed by Modern Industry, Government and other Private Companies. With the existence of this handbook all students and lecturers are expected to:
1. Understand for each course of the curriculum and syllabus based on computers in every department.
2. Understand and comply with the academic and administrative regulations in order to enforce discipline.
3. Take advantage of the entire available academic with the best typical of updated computer applications.
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science has nine departments, namely; Department of Informatic Engineering (S1 & D3), Department of Informatic Management (S1 & D3), Department of Computer Engineering (S1 & D3), Department of Computerization Accounting (D3), Department of Industrial Engineering (S1), Department of Electrical Engineering (S1), Department of Civil Engineering (S1), Department of Architecture Engineering (S1) and Department of Regional and City Planning (S1). Student interest was increase continuously in every new academic year.

In this occasion I would like to thank to all Handbook drafting team from each department for the realization of this manual. Hopefully this handbook can be useful for anyone in need.

Wassalammu'alaikum Wr. Wb.
Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science consists of the following departments:
> Informatic Engineering
> Informatic System
> Computer Engineering
> Electrical Engineering
> Architecture Engineering
> Civil Engineering
> Industrial Engineering
> Regional and City Planning
> Accountancy Computerization