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To all new students,

On behalf of the Faculty of Literary, first of all I would like to extend congratulations for you all as a new student at the Faculty of Literary in Indonesia Computer University.

You deserve to be happy. First, because you success of senior high school graduates and to have parents who are able to finance their children to study in college, so many friends out there with a wistful feeling forced to bury the desire to pursue higher education for the future aspired. Second, the college you choose is Indonesia Computer University, which allows you to obtain a stock for a brighter future, at the end of the study one day you will not only gain the knowledge and / or skills in the field of literature, but also the knowledge / skills in the field of computers technology which is in today's global information technology era should not be ruled out if you want to succeed in a career.

However, always keep in mind that no matter how comprehensive and sophisticated educational facilities owned by a college like Unikom, it is not the only factor guarantor of student study success. Success in your studies depends on the motivation and effort in using the facility.

Therefore, I ordered that you enjoy the learning facilities as well as possible, learn seriously, and avoid behaviors that may interfere with or hamper your studies. The future is not come just like that, but must be fought. The struggle always requires sacrifice. As the saying goes, "There is no happiness without struggle and there is no struggle without sacrifice".

Faculty of Literary consists of the following departments:
> English Literary
> Japan Literary