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June 07, 2017
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BANDUNG, UNIKOM - Commemorating the 2nd anniversary of  Student Association of Young Entrepreneurs (HIPMA) falls on May 25, 2017, and coincides with the momentum of Holy Month of Ramadhan, Unikom HIPMA held a Social Activity on Saturday (3/6) In the House of Child Social Protection, Ciumbuleuit Street of Bandung.

The event was followed by the board and members of Unikom HIPMA amounted to ┬▒ 80 people, with the agenda to give donate, where previously the funds were obtained from all the cadres and the donors of Unikom HIPMA. "... because it coincides with the Holy Month of Ramadan, it becomes a very appropriate moment to share with others especially to those in need. Through this activity also expected to add intimacy and cohesiveness in the internal Unikom HIPMA, "said Yoga Aviandi Dirgantara as Chief Executive.

Social Activity initiated by Division of Human Resource Empowerment (PSDM) is the first time agenda undertaken by Unikom HIPMA. "In the last year we commemorate the 1st anniversary by holding an open discussion, this year we focus on social activities," said Yoga.

After the implementation of Social Activity, the activity continued with the agenda of Breaking Fasting at Kedai Selasih, Jalan Cikutra, Bandung, which was followed by the board and members of Unikom HIPMA. The opportunity is also used for open a light discussion session to accommodate criticism and suggestions about the management of Unikom HIPMA, with a view to build better student activity units in the future.

Through this activity is expected can create intimacy between cadres of Unikom HIPMA and enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, so that it can bring the name of Unikom HIPMA become successful student activity units in their field.