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UNIKOM National Champion Rocket Competition – 2015

The team of Rocket & Unmanned Systems Division - UNIKOM has successfully achieved the first Winner in the category of rocket EDF (Electric ducted fan) or a booster rocket with an electric motor in the Indonesia Rocket Payload Competition (KOMURINDO 2015) followed by various universities in Indonesia , This activity is organized by the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) and Minister of Higher Education and research and technology in collaboration with local government Garut, where the event is held on 2-5 August 2015 in the Central Production and Testing of Rocket Lapan, Pameungpeuk, Garut - West Java.

The team of Rocket & Unmanned Systems Division - Unikom sends a team named Team are Dirk RKF Scutum consists of :
Team Leader  : Faddika Irza Son (Informatic Engineering - UNIKOM)
Members : Panji Pambajeng (Informatic Engineering - UNIKOM) & Adi Surasa (Computer Engineering - UNIKOM)
With a lecturer adviser  : Mr. Endry Rahman who is also the chairman of Unikom Rocket Division.

In this competition, the team won the 1st Rocket EDF and Best Design Champion, after successfully compete with other competitors coming from UGM, University of Telkom, PENS, UNJ, etc. Rate this victory is based on ability to reach heights, starting since the rocket take off (Off Shelf) from automatic thrower until bolted to the air and reached an altitude of 193 meters in 10 seconds with a slope of 80 degrees is stable (resistant to air pressure) and managed to put out the parachute, followed by assessment ability to communicate between a rocket while driving on the air with the existing system software applications on the ground. This Student-made rocket has a sensor that serves to measure the distance to the instability and the amount of flying height, angle sensors to measure rockets, timers and sensors to activate the parachute.

Preparation required by Unikom's rocket team takes for approximately 6 months, and 3-4 months for the preparation of the application system. In the end, these efforts are not wasted and these efforts managed to put UNIKOM in the final. After defeating 16 teams who reached the final, UNIKOM rocket team managed to become the first winner and Best Design Champion, won two trophies and two medals and successfully defend the achievements of first winner that has previously been won by the UNIKOM rocket team in 2014.